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I am an avid skier and although i prefer skiing out west at Mammoth, Vail and Breckenridge when i can. But I have a hard time deciding on the best mountain to ski at here in New England. I decide to ask the rest of you what your favorite mountains are and why?

Personally My favorite in New Hampshire would have to be Bretton Woods and Sunapee. I work as a ski instructor at a small place called McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester, NH and whenever parents of my students ask for good resorts I tell them Sunapee and Bretton Woods. Not so much for kids but as far as the best places in NH these would have to be my choices.


Bretton Woods is my favorite because first of all because of the scenery. Easily the most picturesque mountain in New Hampshire. It is located in the heart of the White Mountains right across from the beautiful Mount Washington Hotel. Bretton woods is two mountains in one and includes a huge glade area for tree skiers. The mountain is so large and the lifts so efficient that you never really notice lines. Especially when you head to the west mountain. Bretton is a terrific mountain especially with the scenery and the small but fun town of North Conway, NH.

Bretton Woods


Sunapee is a mountain that most people wouldn't think about as one of their favorite mountains but the more time i spend here, the more i like it. It isn't as large as the well known mountains but it is def worth your time. Sunapee is like the hidden jewel of the ski resorts in NH. There is plenty to do, glades, intermediate, expert trails and a park, Sunapee has it all. It is located in the western part of the state and no matter how busy it gets you really dont notice it because of the setup of the mountain.

Mount Sunapee

I encourage you allto post about your favorite resorts so that I can see what mountain i may be missing out on. Maybe you feel the same way about these mountains as i do or maybe not. Leave you comments and explain which are your favorites and why.

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