Bottle or Can?

This is a questions that really gets me thinking as a college student...bottle or can? When i buy beer i personally but bottles because i think the taste is better and i just feel better having a bottle in my hand as opposed to a can. I figured this would make a good post because I am sure I could get a lot of responses back, because as college students, most of us have had a drink or two before.



more sophisticated: everyone knows you look more sophisticated drinking beer from a botttle as oposed to a can

better tasting: beer tastes better out of a bottle

design: if its an amber (brown) colored bottle, the bottle allows less light into the beer which keeps the taste of the beer in the bottle and doesn't dilute it

labels: if your a collector, the labels on glass bottles are pretty cool as well as the caps.


cost: most of the time bottles are more expensive than cans

size: take up more room and are less convenient

This is what I came up with,  if you want to add pros and cons or switch some from what I have please leave your input so we can spark some conversation....I found some interesting facts on beer when id the third most consumed beverage after water and tea and dates back to 3500 B.C.!

according to wiki answers, the top 5 purchased beers in the U.S. are

1. Budweiser
2. Bud light
3. Miller Draft
4. Miller lite
5. Coors

4 thoughts on “Bottle or Can?

  1. Interesting post never really compared the two, but I am a big fan of the bottles

  2. Ya I totally agree, I'm sure there is a lot more data and information about the two but i like bottles because I think they stay colder longer and I just prefer them. Thanks for the post

  3. I would pick a bottle of beer over any can of beer except for maybe pounders, just because they are so cheap. But beer in a bottle definitely taste a lot better and having a bottle in your hand instead of a can gives you a different experience when enjoying a nice cold one.

  4. Great post. I definitely have to agree with you, I’ll drink out of a bottle over a can any night of the week. Mainly for the two reasons you stated, the beer just taste better out of a bottle, and you just look better sipping out of a bottle rather than a can.

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