Plymouth State Parking

PSU ParkingI love Plymouth State, but I HATE!!! everything that has to do with parking. Whether its parking meters, parking lots, no parking, parking for visitors only, no parking between 8:00 and 3:00, meter people, police etc. all of this has and effect on the parking situation at Plymouth State. I love the ideas of parking permits for certain lots (but only the lots in front of dorms, Langdon Woods, Pemi, Student Apps.) but lots like Grafton, Hyde after classes are done, the one across from Hyde and behind the HUB. I think that all of these lots should be "free parking" not free in the sense that it doesn't cost anything because if they wanted to they could put meters up, but don't restrict the lots for permits. I mean, during the day its fine because I understand teachers need spots as well as students who commute, but how about the student who lives in Fox Park and wants the dining hall for lunch, he/she takes their car and cant find parking because everything is either 15 minutes only or reserved for certain permits. It is a bit ridiculous.

My other issue is with the meters. Meters are great (not really, they suck) but can we have a uniformed set of meters? Some are quarters only others take nickels dimes and quarters. I can't even count how many times I have been driving to class find a parking spot and then realize that I have dimes and nickles but now quarters. I mean if I'm going to park next to Hyde (between Hyde and center lodge) where the meters are before class and I have an hour and fifteen minute class, why should I have two put in 2 quarters giving me two hours of parking time when I am only going to need 1 hr 15 min? Wouldn't it be better if all the meters took quarters, dimes and nickles? Then i could put in a quarter and a dime, giving me 1 hr and 24 min. I mean it may sound like I'm taking this too far but it definitely helps.

And if a student has a parking permit and is parked in a lot that may be for certain permits only and there are 50+ empty spots, look the other way. I mean college students are poor enough, we cant afford these $20, $30, $50 dollar tickets. Same goes for down at the PE center, they ticket people down there now as well. Ridiculous.

Anyone with me?

If so maybe we can write some letters or print these posts and send them to the University/Police/Chamber of Commerce and get the meters replaced or allow them to take all types of change, that is an easy fix and it's a step in the right direction. I can't even imagine how much money, the town or police or whoever gets the money, makes off of tickets...I know they have gotten a lot of money from me. Make me feel like I'm not alone with this one.